The Behavioural Shift

While taking a break from studying and researching for my Honours Economics thesis, I came across an inspirational talk on The Behavioural Shift by Colin Camerer, Andrew Caplin, and David Laibson – all of whom are leading behavioral scholars. They were invited to discuss how their research has given valuable insight into economic models of human behavior at the Becker Friedman Institute located at the University of Chicago in the United States.

I must say that especially Harvard Economist David Laibson inspires me to learn more on Behavioural Economics and pursue research in the area myself in the future! What is more, Camerer’s, Caplin’s and Laibson’s discussion about new cutting edge research and the future of Behavioural Economics reassures me that my dream of graduate studies in Economics is not only personally fulfilling but it is also going to be an exiting area to specialise in.

While the panel is lengthy, it is more than worth it. After presenting their research, the behavioural scholars Camerer, Caplin and Laibson engage in an insightful discussion with their two hosts and also answer questions from the audience.

So don’t miss out on this inspirational talk if you are interested in the behavioural shift…



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